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If you're worried about homeschooling
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Homeschooled Teens

75 Homeschooled

Teens and YOung Adults

share their Perspectives

Why Get This Book?

Are you nervous about homeschooling your teen?

Do you wonder if your teen would be better off being homeschooled?

Are you curious about homeschooled teens' lives?
Maybe you worry if you're closing doors for your teen's future?

Can they get into college?

Is this a good idea?
​Do any of these questions sound familiar?

Brief Overview

Find out first-hand what 75 teens and young adults who were homeschooled through the middle and teen years have to say about their experience. They answer questions about their education, their social life, what happened after homeschooling, advantages they feel they have as homeschoolers as well as share advice for worried parents. 

Sue Patterson

After removing her 3 children from the school system in the mid-90's, Sue began her family's homeschooling journey. Over the years, their homeschooling method changed - as did their state and their homeschooling communities. Her kids are grown now, each happily pursuing their own adventures. Sue knew exactly which questions you'd want answers to and her practical experience and anecdotes are sprinkled throughout the chapters.